4 Main Types of Face Masks for Protection against Virus


Except for the healthcare workers and medical researchers, did any of us give any thought to the construction of face masks and the subtleties of each layer before? But the pandemic situation has made most of us curious about our face masks and the ways they claim to protect us from the virus. We tend to research more, ask questions, and evaluate the quality of any protective equipment, be it the medical face mask or masks for the regular public, before buying.

As it’s the face masks that can provide 97% protection against the novel coronavirus along with dust, pollution and allergic substances in the environment, you should know about their types and functionalities to make the best choice. Scroll on!

The masks for the general public

Although many people are buying surgical masks out of sheer panic, they need not do so. They can always protect them easily with the help of reusable three-layered masks in areas where social distancing isn’t humanly possible. These masks are manufactured in a way that they are hypoallergic and flexible, ensuring ease of breathing and speaking, especially for people, who aren’t used to wearing those. Many of these masks may come with a pack of filters that you can sanitize and use for longer durations.

Masks for healthcare workers

Being the frontline fighters in the crisis, they should get ready access to high-quality protective equipment. These include state-of-the-art medical mask that should be designed specifically for the use of doctors and other healthcare workers, and the general public shouldn’t exhaust the supplies by buying them in bulk. These masks will offer maximum protection to the COVId-19 warriors against the respiratory droplets of the infected people.

Masks for delivery professionals

Many countries are still under lockdown, and the ones that are relaxing restrictions are doing so in a phased manner to prevent a surge in the number of infections. Under such circumstances, the dependence on doorstep deliveries is high, and the professionals should take maximum protection to prevent the spread of the infection. They should also opt for high-quality respirators that can be sanitized and used repeatedly without compromising the degree of protection.

Sports masks

These masks are mainly designed for the use of sportspeople and the ones, who are in the habit of cycling, swimming, hiking, running, and other outdoor activities. Although it will take some time for the lockdown to be lifted completely and such activities to begin, these masks will help protect you from the virus, which may be here for longer.

Wrapping it up

The situation will get better soon, but before things return to normalcy, we have to learn to live amidst adversities without risking our health. Investing in the right mask is the first step towards ensuring a healthier and happier future. As face masks and hand sanitizers are going to be our regular companions for some time now, we may as well try to choose the best product according to our specific needs.

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