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4 Myths about Thermage Debunked By the Experts

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There are a number of options and treatments available when it comes to beautification and making your skin look younger than our real age. Nowadays, the most common skin tightening treatment is thermage CPT or Compact Pulse Technology. This treatment addresses skin sagging and wrinkles. It makes the use of unipolar radio frequency technology for hearing the collagen found in the deep skin layers safely. This safer and even heating leads to collagen fibers to contract and promotes fresh collagen production. But the naysayers manage to find many myths associated with this treatment. This article manages to debunk a few of them below.

  • This entire concept is a myth – This trick is not a myth. When you seek the right treatment, you may see that your skin tightens, contours, and smoothens up with just a single thermage treatment. This radio frequency used for skin tightening just needs a single session. Apart from its patient friendly process, thermage produces natural looking outcomes.

  • Not everyone is eligible for the treatment – No matter what gender, skin your, and race you belong to, this treatment is safe you, with the exception for the patients with an implantable heart device, pregnant women and if you have tattoos. Thermage CPT Treatment is ideal for all skin types and colors. As a matter of fact, the best advantage of thermage is that it is safe for all skin types, even Asian skin.
  • It is painful – The earliest versions of thermage were known for stinging and painful sensations. Many deemed it to be as painful as a cigarette burn when the radio frequency was worked in a continuous pulse. The older models of the device heat the uppermost layers which cause redness and make your skin sensitive for a few days.

But the modern advancements introduced Comfort Pulse Technology or CPT which uses radio frequency in small doses. This method brings down the pain and discomfort by the Means of vibrating motions F cooling spare being applied before and after every pulse. The tip design and software being used by the device is also upgraded to provide even heating. These changes transform to enhanced outcomes and more comfortable treatments.

  1. Thermage is meant for the face only – While its trust that thermage helps in tightening your face, upper and lower eyelids and other sensitive areas. It can also tighten the tummy area, legs, thighs, arms, knees, and hands. It eliminates unwanted bulges, enhances skin textures, and eliminates the appearance of cellulite. Generally, it fixes skin aging not only on your face but other body posts as well.
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