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5 Reasons you Might Experience Numbness or Paralysis

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When a part of your body loses feeling, it is called numbness and this can be caused by a number of factors. Our nerves require a flow of blood in order to relay sensation to the brain; when blood flow is stopped, the area quickly becomes numb, as the nerves are temporarily disconnected from the nervous system.

Here are a few reasons that you might experience a loss of feeling.

  1. Sitting position – Some people like to sit on one leg and this can stop the flow of blood, which begins with a tingling sensation before feeling is lost. Of course, we become aware of this and move to free up the limb and blood returns; an uncomfortable feeling we experience for a few seconds as life returns to the tissue. Crossing your legs for long periods can also result in numbness; try standing up and you quickly realize you have lost the use of the limb. There’s nothing to do but wait until things return to normal.
  2. Tight clothing – It is possible for tight clothing to affect the circulation and after a while, a tingly sensation signals the start of numbness. Tight calf socks would certainly cause loss of feeling and fortunately, we have a built-in warning system to tell us that something is wrong, namely numbness.
  3. Neurologic issue – If you suddenly suffer paralysis in your face or neck, advanced diagnostics can be carried out by a neurosurgeon at a special spinal hospital. Indeed, many patients are referred by their GP after reporting numbness or paralysis and the special hospital has the equipment and neurologists to accurately diagnose the condition.
  4. Multiple Sclerosis – MS early symptoms include a tingling sensation and some numbness; common areas are the hands and arms, feet and legs and the face. It is critical to seek out expert medical diagnosis should you experience any of these symptoms, which might not be due to MS.
  5. Deficiency in Magnesium – This can certainly cause a numb feeling, as magnesium is required for nerve function; take a daily A-Z supplement and that will redress the balance. This might be due to a poor diet.

Our body is incredibly complex and the above are just a few reasons that you might experience numbness or loss of feeling. It is imperative that you find out the cause and making an appointment at a specialist hospital would be the best course of action.

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