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Cannabis Edibles – What Is The Right Dosage?

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Edibles or food items are infused with cannabis concentrates or flowers or oil. Due to the introduction of distillate and advanced cannabis culinary arts, you will get an extensive selection of edibles at Acres Cannabis. It includes high-quality beverages, cooking oil, brownie mixes, baked goods, and even treats like THC gummies & CBD mints. All offer the desired effect!

Benefits of edibles

  • You can enjoy the cannabis effect without vaporizing concentrates or smoking flowers.
  • Everyone knows the art of eating and drinking, so consuming is spontaneous and easy.

Drawbacks of edibles

  • Edibles pass through the digestive system, so the effects take some hours to kick in
  • Cannabis potency also increases slowly.
  • The onset effect can be as slow as 3 hours and as fast as 20 minutes.
  • The duration lasts for 4 to 6 hours.

Edibles onset is delayed in comparison to the sublingual or inhalation method. Effects stay longer than other consumption methods. 

What is the dosage?

Edible potency is calculated differently than concentrates or buds. Rather than citing Cannabinoid strength percentage, edible products mention cannabinoids in milligrams. The edible package will mention the mg of CBD and THC per serving along with total mgs in the whole package. For example, if a whole chocolate bar has a total of 50 mg THC then if you plan to take 5 mg dose, divide the chocolate into 10 pieces [50/5]. It means you get each piece of 5 mg.

Cannabis edibles have a range of THC- to -CBD ratio. High CBD in the ratio means it is a less intoxicating edible. Intoxication depends on the level of THC you choose to consume. The THC level will often dictate the dosage to be consumed.

How to find the accurate edible dosage?

It is necessary to know the perfect dose of the chosen edible product.

  • Beginners need to start low with around 1 to 5 mg of THC.
  • Intermediate consumers can use 5 to 20 mg of THC.
  • Seasoned cannabis fans can opt for 20+ mg.

Start low and wait for 24 hours to appraise the effects then increase by 2.5 to 5 mg after every 24-hour until the effect is felt. This will be your minimal effective dosage. As there are lots of factors that affect your body interaction with THC and CBD that dosing recommendations for edibles contain ranges instead of definitive measures.

You can make cannabis-infused oils and butter at home with dry buds. Dry material is submerged in a carrier fat and heated gently. The cannabinoids get slowly extracted and the mixture is then strained. The cannabis-infused oil or butter is used to prepare a food recipe.

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