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Dealing With Chronic Pain, Stress And Anxiety: Here’s How Relaxation Can Help!

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Anyone dealing with any form of chronic pain will associate with the complexities that come with it. Multiple studies have found a relation between chronic pain and issues like stress and anxiety. It is almost like a vicious circle – chronic pain can lead to stress, and this stress can lead to tension in muscles, eventually causing more pain. Experts agree that relaxation can help in dealing with stress & anxiety, and that may help patients dealing with chronic pain. As a part of pain management, many experts and doctors may recommend a relaxation script for pain, which will help in easing the patient, aiding in reduction of pain.

Knowing natural pain relief

Stress impacts your body in similar ways as chronic pain. When you have pain, your heart rate increases, and so does blood pressure. The same happens when you are stressed or feeling anxious. Instead of merely relying on medications and painkillers to handle stress and chronic pain, doctors often use relaxation techniques, which are natural ways of pain relief.

What kind of relaxation techniques are used?

Besides a ready relaxation script for use, doctors may rely on other techniques. The first one is called foursquare breathing, where the patient is asked to breath depth, in a way that he/she can feel the contraction of abdomen. They must count to four while inhaling, hold the breath to count or four, and release to the count of four. Guided imagery is another common technique, while patients are guided into a nice place in their mind, where they feel at ease. It can be done at home, for around 5 to 15 minutes. Hypnosis and meditation are some of the common techniques used to induce relaxation and reduce both pain and stress, depending on patient’s requirements.

When to see a therapist?

Well, if you have stress and anxiety besides chronic pain, there is never a better time to see a doctor. Pain management doesn’t have to be about drugs alone. Therapy can help to a large extent, and relaxation techniques have proved to be helpful too. Just believe in your therapist and the recommendations offered, and it is also necessary to practice relaxation techniques and scripts.

Many websites also have relaxation scripts, which you can read and try, but do consult a therapist so as to get more guided advice on dealing with your unique circumstances, physical and mental wellbeing.

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