Drug Rehab Recovery


It’s essential to understand a problem before you try to solve it. Drug addiction is a common scenario these days. First of all, what important is to know what happens when you take drugs and how it affects you from the core. There is a reward circuit connected to the limbic system. This particular part of the brain that controls mood. Dopamine is a brain chemical that creates emotions and feelings. All kind of drugs make this as their natural target, drugs make dopamine overflow, and this is the reason why people get addicted to it. While doing drugs, there is a term called high, which means being in a virtual world where all they can feel is a pleasure. That is what makes them want to take drugs, again and again.

Visit https://lighthousetreatment.com/drug-rehab-orange-county/ to know more about the recovery system Rehabilitation is a five-stage process to help an addict recover from addiction. Each stage has specially strategized for higher effects. The therapist needs to recognize the current stage of the patient so that he can treat him with the next stage strategy. There are three phases, early, middle, and late. The five steps have some priorities set, suppose if a patient is in stage II, which is the contemplation stage, which means he is in the early phase of the recovering process. In this particular stage, the focus will be on curbing cravings, avoiding relapse. However, when it comes to the late stage, it focuses on rebuilding relationships that got damaged.

Here are the details about the five steps and visit the link given below for help https://lighthousetreatment.com/drug-rehab-orange-county/

  • Pre-Contemplation Stage

It is the first stage of the entire recovery system. This stage is for the addict to accept that they have a problem and recognize it. Addicts mostly deny the fact that they have a question, and they have to get rid of it. Once the addict admits and accepts their challenge, they can move on to the next step.

  • Contemplation

Accepting the fact that they have some issues in the previous stage, in this stage, these addicts need to find out the root of the problem and cut it from there. In this phase, it is possible for them to feel hopeless and do drugs, but once they shift their focus to future opportunities they can move forward to the next stage

  • Preparation

In this stage, the addict knows that he has a problem, and now he wants to live a life without drugs. Once they commit to themselves, they can get to stage four

  • Action

In this stage, they go with the plan; they make changes in their surroundings, behave properly. Once they get satisfactory results, they move to the last step.

  • Maintenance

It is an essential part of the entire process. After recovering when addicts get back to their homes, they have to face the circumstances they used to hate, so they need to keep the maintenance.


Getting addicted to drugs might be easy, but deciding to get rid of it is not that easy. It takes a lot of time to complete the recovery process, but once you do it, you can live your life with more potential. Don’t wait, visit https://lighthousetreatment.com/drug-rehab-orange-county/ and book your appointment now.

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