How to Optimize your Infrared Sauna Experience


Most people use saunas because of their ability to help with detoxification. An infrared detox can eliminate chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins that are detrimental to human health.

The best infrared sauna session often leads to better detox than a traditional steam session. This is mainly because of how it heats the body, air, and skin temperature.

Keep reading to know how to optimize the benefits from your infrared sessions:

Shower Before and After Using the Sauna

For some users, showering before using a sauna can lead to a faster and heavier sweat and a more invigorating experience. Also, it can start the stimulation of body circulation. Showering before your sauna session will also eliminate dirt, lotion, dry skin, and other residues that could hinder proper sweating. After the session, showering with cold water is important to close down skin pores that could collect the dirt from sweat.

Wear Little Clothing

Ideally, it is best not to wear any clothing when using a sauna for the best experience. This should not be a problem since you are in your house. Clothing can hinder the infrared light. Thus, if you want any area of your body to be directly exposed to infrared, ensure nothing is covering it.

If you have to wear some clothing, try to wear as little as possible. Also, wear something loose. Cotton shorts and tops are often the better choices.

Know How Long to Stay Inside the Sauna

If you are new to infrared saunas, you must start with 10-15 minute sessions and you can build up to 25-30 minutes. However, you should listen to your body. If you start to feel weak, too hot, or tired, open the door or just step out of the cabin. Do not try to overdo it during your first few sessions. To have the best experience in your infrared sauna, choose lower temperatures of 110-125 degrees F as a start.

Consume Some Fiber

When your body releases and mobilizes toxins, those not secreted in the sweat are released into your digestive system. That is why your intestines need a good amount of fiber to eliminate these toxins totally out of your body. Otherwise, these toxins are absorbed back into the body and deposited into fat cells.

Although it is not recommended to consume a heavy meal before you enter the sauna, it is important to consume some fiber in the form of smoothies, vegetables, fruits, and green powder more than one hour before your session.

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