Laser Removal of Your Tattoo – What You Need to Know


If you regret getting your tattoo that you once loved, then laser tattoo removal is the best solution to remove it. This can efficiently remove your tattoo ink without scarring. However, do your research and choose a trustworthy clinic where everything will be done under medical supervision without causing your skin any potential damage.

With the latest technologies used, you can get your tattoo removed with comparatively lesser pain on

How It Works?

Usually, for tattoo they use compounds of heavy metals as ink. We all know that our body never accepts foreign bodies and white blood cells start working to remove the heavy metals from your skin. That’s why some tattoos fade away on their own overtime.

However, if the pigmentations are large, white cells cannot absorb them. That’s where laser removal comes to benefit you. Laser tattoo removal process breaks off the pigments of tattoo using speed and heat. This process makes it easier for the lymphatic system to handle the smaller pigments.

What You Must Know?

It takes time for the tattoo to fade off. You cannot expect a removal in just one session. In each session some particles of pigment will be removed and the number of sessions needed will depend on the age of tattoo, density of ink and its composition, color of the tattoo, size of the tattoo, depth of pigment insertion and your skin type.

Normally, it may take six to eight sessions but if the tattoos are big it may need up to 10 sessions. Our skin needs a healing time and that’s why usually there is a time gap of 6 to 8 weeks space between each session.

Removal of tattoo is as painful as getting it and sometimes it hurts too. Since the use of strong heat to break those pigments, you will feel the burn in your blood. You can ask for numbing agent to reduce any discomfort.

Fortunately, with the aid of technologies, now it is possible to remove any stubborn colors that were once difficult. You can even lighten your tattoo and get the cover-ups. If you want to remove the ink completely then there might be scars or white patches left on your skin.

You must be ready for your session mentally. Don’t be on an empty stomach for your appointment. The session will be around 45 minutes that starts with taking before photos.  Then they clean the area and prepare it for removal process, lasering them and finally bandaging the area.

Use antibiotic creams to heal the area. Keep the area out of the sun to avoid any adverse effect.

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