Making Your Own Cannabis Brownies At Home: Here’s The Easiest Recipe!


If you are not a fan of vaping or smoking cannabis, edibles could be an excellent alternative. In recent years, the popularity of cannabis edibles has increased considerably, primarily because it allows people to consume marijuana discreetly. Also, it does take a lot of effort to make these. Store-available cannabis edibles are expensive and not always of the best quality. If you are wondering how to make edibles, we have a quick guide below that may come in handy. By the way, we are sharing the recipe for the best cannabis brownies!

Ingredients required

You can find ready brownie mix in the market, and that’s all you need besides cannabis-infused butter, also called cannabutter. Instead of using your standard butter that’s used in brownies, you will be using this cannabis-infused butter.

How to make brownies?

Just follow instructions on the packet and replacing cooking oil/butter with cannabis-infused butter. There are two things to know here. Firstly, the quality and concentration of THC in your cannabutter will determine the strength of brownies, so make sure that you don’t compromise on the product you are using. Secondly, the amount of cannabutter also makes a huge difference. If you use more of butter, your brownies will be softer and definitely give a better high. Once the batter is ready, add a butter-paper to the baking pan, or simply grease the pan, and pour your mix. Bake your brownies for about 30 minutes, or longer if required. Always allow your cannabis brownies to cool before cutting them into pieces.

Eating your edibles

Note that cannabis-infused butter contains a high amount of THC, which means that the experience can be a lot different than what you would expect with standard edibles. Always go slow with your edibles, because it takes longer for these edibles to get digested, and therefore, the effects may not be instant as in case of vaping or THC tinctures. It also takes longer for the effects to wear off, so don’t plan to drive or do anything that requires steady focus.

Final word

If you want to make the most edibles, just start slow with cannabis-infused butter and always check how it works for your body the first couple of times. With edibles, you don’t have to worry about people knowing about consuming cannabis. Homemade edibles are easy to make, and you can store these brownies in your refrigerator for as long as a week. Try making these cannabis-infused butter brownies today!

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