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Rising Acceptance of Medical Tourism

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The Internet has brought us closer together and we have new opportunities available from the global community. We shop all over the world and seek expert information and order services from across the planet. One of the fastest developing trends is medical tourism. Some countries have reputations for excellence in certain medical practises. And other countries are very competitive with price with equal quality of care.  Here are some of the treatments people are crossing borders to receive.

  • Dentistry: It is no secret, people in western nations without dental insurance are terrified of the dentist. But not the drill, the bill. Dental treatments can be exorbitantly expensive and well beyond the budget of many. However, dentistry in other countries can be much more affordable. It is in fact possible to go on a holiday, get some dental work done. And the cost of your ticket could be covered by the amount of money you saved at the dentist. This being the case there are several places offering dental tourism, like Mexico and Thailand.
  • Transplants: Transplants are no trifling procedure. They can represent life or death in many cases. The fact that people go to developing nations to get a transplant, says two things. First, the cost of medical treatment is outside of many people’s means. And that some countries have really developed first class medical facilities, despite their developing nation status. The price is clearly the driving factor, a kidney transplant might cost a person $300,000 in the USA, but only $30,000 in India or China.
  • Plastic Surgery: There are so many options available for plastic surgery these days, but once again, Western nations are looking for your last dollar, to provide services. Plastic surgery is an area where some countries really shine. If you’re looking for breast augmentation or some beautiful nose surgery (called ศัลยกรรมจมูกสวย in Thai), Thailand is a leading supplier with excellent results.
  • Cancer Treatment: Travelling for cancer treatment is not so new. This horrible disease has caused people to seek out every alternative in hopes of turning around a negative prognosis. But these days, it is not all quackery and faith healers that are available across the border. First-rate cancer treatments can be arranged in many countries, bringing hope to people who have run out of options.

Extra caution must always be used when investigating medical tourism. Scams and poor service do abound. If you want to go this route, you must accept the risks. Get references and do your research. With due diligence, you will likely find less expensive alternatives to your country’s medical offerings.

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