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Skin Care Recipes You Can Make At Home

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We only have one skin and it’s of the utmost importance that we take good care of it. There are so many ways one can take good care of one’s skin and the very first step is through proper cleansing. Facial cleansing is the very first step in promoting clean and healthy skin. All kinds of skin require proper cleansing to remove all types of makeup residue, dead skin and daily dirt and grime.

The proper way to cleanse one’s face is by using circular upward motions. If you are using a cleansing cream, then the proper way is to use your fingertips to dab the lotion on your face gently. If you want to remove your make up, then it is best to use cotton or you can even use a gauze pad soaked in makeup remover. Now you gently sweep the eyebrows, the eyelids and the area under your eyes. You will often find that the best makeup removers and lotions and moisturizers do not belong in the makeup remover category.

Hand soaps or any kind of bathroom soap you use for bathing is not an ideal skin care recipe. They have the tendency to make your skin very dry. And you might have an allergic reaction on your face due to the harsh chemicals found in soaps. There are so many skin care recipes that you can make yourself at home, that will suit your skin type and will definitely make you and your skin glow.

The second thing you need to do is to find the best skin care recipe for you, for moisturizing. A moisturizer will make your skin supple and soft. You will can use it at night, in the morning and throughout the day. There are also skin care recipes that will help you fight acne and other skin problems. If you are the type of person who easily gets a pimple, then this skin care recipe is surely for you. If you have acne problems, then all the more that you need these skin care recipes.

The following are masks and toners that could help you take good care of your acne-prone skin:

Chamomile Facial Toner – This is a very mild toner and can be used by anyone. Put one bag of chamomile tea in a 100 ml boiling water. You remove the bag og chamomile after 5 minutes and you can start applying it to your face with a cotton ball. Do not rinse after application.

Tonic with basil – You will need 2 to 3 tbsp of dried basil leaves and one cup of boiling water. You need to steep the basil leaves in water for 10 to 20 minutes. Let it cool then you can apply to your face using cotton balls or cotton pads.

Egg White Mask for Acne – You will need 2 large eggs. Separate the white from the yolk; then whip the egg whites until they form soft peaks. After you have washed your face, apply the whipped egg whites to your face and leave it on until it dries, then you can rinse it off using warm water. This mask will tighten your skin and will help clear up your problem areas.

There are so many recipes for face masks, toners, cleansers, and scrubs available that making your own skin care remedies and recipes at home is not only simple and fun, but can easily save you hundreds of dollars a year when you are using fresh everyday household ingredients in stead of expensive chemicals.

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