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SSI For Married Couples

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Married Couples have a multitude of legal rights and benefits that they are not allowed to exclude from their marriage. Marriage is typically a legal union involving two people which requires a legally authorized ceremony and license in most countries. Beyond this, you probably know, that many times couples spend lots of money and even dream of what it would be like to be married with somebody they love. Married couples can take advantage of some major financial advantages, such as being able to file jointly tax returns. If you or your spouse is one of those people, you should find out how you can qualify for some of the following opportunities.

Married Couples Can Claim Benefits For Child Care – One of the most common reasons married couples end up paying more in taxes than single people is because of the exclusion of child care benefits from their respective salaries. This does not have to be the case. There are ways that both spouses can claim benefits from the government for their respective children. In many cases, you only need one spouse to qualify, while the other spouse must have a valid dependents. If the other spouse does not have a dependent, they can claim the benefits for themselves. Married couples filing joint returns can also take advantage of the same exclusions for child care benefits that apply to married couples filing separately.

Married Couples Can Claim Social Security Benefits – While it is not a popular subject, if one of you is eligible for Social Security benefits (either survivor, dependent or any other way), then both you and your spouse can claim the benefits at the same time. Same-sex marriage is not a protected class in terms of Social Security benefits. Married couples filing joint returns can claim the benefit for either spouse, if they meet the income requirements. The Social Security Administration has same-sex marriage guidelines (depending on the year) which require that the same-sex spouse must work for a minimum period of time in order to qualify, while the opposite-sex spouse must work for less than a year in order to be eligible.

If neither of you is considered a dependent by the Social Security Administration, then you can file a claim for EFC and FICO scores. To do this, you will need to fill out an application and then wait for the results. Married couples who are considered eligible are advised to complete and file their claim forms together (this allows them to know their net worth and the other’s net worth). If you file your forms separately, then you may miss out on certain benefits (EFC and FICO scores being a major one), which you might otherwise receive if you had filed your claim together.

State benefits – Most states offer some sort of monetary benefits for married couples filing for the first time, whether they are filing jointly or not. Some of these benefits include child care benefits and spousal benefits for those in a same-sex marriage. Some states also offer insurance premium benefits and some medical expense benefits. The rates for these differ depending on the state and some people believe these benefits should be extended to unmarried couples as well.

Medical benefits – Another thing that is often overlooked is the possibility that your surviving partner may also need medical assistance in the future. This may apply to male clinics like Paramount Men’s Medical Center, but consult each facility directly to confirm. It is possible for a surviving spouse to apply for medical benefits even when the other one has already died. However, it is important to note that this is only if the surviving partner has filed for disability benefits and has been awarded them. The surviving partner may still be required to pay for the cost of any medical assistance that the other person is currently receiving. If you are filing for SSI benefits and you have a surviving partner, then you may wish to discuss this with them as well, as it can be a good option for same-sex couples who have both been awarded SSI.

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