Suffering From The Veins Problems – Here Are Its Causes And Remedial Measures To Know


Though the initial veins problem may be cosmetic in the long run, it might affect your daily routine and cause skin ulcers. The formation of veins problem cannot be prevented altogether but you can decrease them by following healthy routine.

Generally, people suffer from two kinds of vein problems namely spider veins and varicose veins. Both the veins’ problem is identical with a thin line of difference between them. The later has serious consequences and it is necessary to prevent further damage to your legs.

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It is truly stated that “Prevention is better than cure”. You will need to take precautionary measures so that the problem does not spread and turn out into serious ailment. The below are a few common measures that might self-heal your vein problem provided they are not hereditary.

Legs Exercise:

The legs are the foremost area where this disease puts its foot originally. Hence, you should consider doing daily exercise related to leg muscle. Performing yoga postures wherein your legs are raised above your heart can give drastic benefits in reducing venous blood pressure. The blood circulation improves and blockage of veins is cleared. You can also do other forms of leg exercise such as swimming, cycling and walking.

Standing and sitting posture:

If you are having a daily routine of prolonged sitting or standing, it is requisite that you take a break in between and indulge yourself in a bit of walking or other alternative tasks such as peddling or bending your knees.

Changing lifestyle:

Obese and over-weight have greater chances of developing the veins problem. Thus, it crucial that you change your lifestyle and eating obsessions. You should do whatever you can, to control your weight by staying fit.

Quit smoking:

Smoking increases blood pressure which in turn gets transferred to the legs. Excessive pressure on the legs creates a veins problem. Hence you should quit smoking to avoid vein problems.

Hormonal changes:

You cannot control hormonal changes that are nature-gifted, but you can control that is created due to your living customs. Taking birth control pills or hormonal replacement therapy increases estrogen or progesterone resulting in the development of blood pressure or blood clots.

Sun exposure:

Though sunlight is necessary for your life, some people are prone to sunburn due to excessive sun exposure. Hence you should understand your skin and avoid going outside during high temperatures. You can use sunscreen lotion as a preventive measure.

Thus, if you have proper diet and look after your overall health physically and mentally, you will definitely be able to prevent this type of disease.

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