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Take Proper Care of Your Child’s Teeth to Ensure That Beautiful Smile

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Though you take care of your teeth properly by brushing and flossing, having a routine of dental check-up, once in six months, with your family dentist is an essential one to maintain strong and healthy teeth. By having a routine check-up, you can reduce the chance of diseased gum, deposit of tartar, plaque that leads to tooth decay.

Regular dental check-up is also a preventive health care. However, at what age should dental exams start? Experts say, it is best to see a dentist when the first tooth erupts. Detecting any dental problems at the beginning stage itself can be easily treated. How frequently you must visit your dentist wholly depends on your child’s oral health.

From toddlers to adults it is recommended to schedule a visit once in every six months or your dentist may alter it according to your child’s oral problems. Frequent visits also help build a good relationship between the dentist and the child.

How to Prepare Your Child?

Schedule an appointment which will be convenient for your baby so that it will be easy for dentist and the baby. Cajole your baby by saying positive things about visiting a dentist like, healthy teeth, beautiful smile etc.,

What to Expect?

The first visit of your child will be having only little treatment. Dentist will educate you on how to clean your baby’s teeth after feeding and to wipe their teeth with a soft cloth.

For toddlers, dentist asks you the child’s eating habits, teething, thump or lip sucking and oral hygiene habits. During the exam, dentist will be examining the baby’s teeth, bite, jaws, gums, cleans the deposits, if needed, and checks for potential tooth decay.

For children, dentist will check for any cavities, and takes X-ray if needed. Ensures the upper and lower teeth are in good alignment and recommends braces, if needed, for proper alignment. Dentist also suggest your child a fluoride treatment to provide extra cavity protection.

Tips to Care Your Children’s Teeth

Use soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your child’s teeth. Use fluoride paste only when your child knows how to spit.

Teach your child how to brush and help them while brushing and floss between their teeth to remove the food particles.

Instead of giving your children sugary treats, make them eat whole fruit that is good for teeth. Sugar weakens the tooth enamel and there is a high risk of cavities.

Baby teeth are very important to chew the food, speak, and they make space for the adult teeth. For a healthy child tooth schedule an appointment with, My Kids dds, dentistry for children and orthodontist, for your child to experience a wonderful service with utmost care.

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