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The addict and the recovering family

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According to a missouri treatment center, the family is a complex of roles and functions (biological, economic, spiritual, educational, social, solidarity-based, psychological), where the coexistence, their members, how we convey the values, feelings, and emotions, as they live and as they are manifested in its members, are part of an interactive model that represents an essential factor in the trend of consumption of psychoactive substances. The family is an elementary part of the history of the use and abuse of substances.

Their detection, acceptance, guidance, channeling, treatment, rehabilitation, and maintenance of abstinence, likewise decreases or causes relapse. Therefore, it is a critical element in the generation and recovery of drug addiction; remember, the integral model of addiction, where the family is part of the social background immediately.

It is fashionable to talk about the family’s involvement in the drug addict patient’s recovery process, but let’s analyze first how the addiction affects the family and later how it recovers. The same form of denial used by the addicted person can be used by their loved ones who do not realize a severe problem.

Relatives of the addicted person often suffer from a condition known as “codependence.” In many cases, the thoughts and sensations of wives, children, and siblings are controlled by the addict’s behavior and emotions of the addict, which destroys the family unit. Family members may feel responsible for the problem, as it can give them false hope that they can “heal” their loved one. Codependence is revealed in many forms.

Addiction can cause the family to hide the problem, perhaps by not allowing home visitors or prohibiting discussions about the disease among family members. When the addict is intoxicated, family members can protect their loved one by telling the addict’s boss that the addict cannot go to work that day because they are sick when they are intoxicated. Another problem related to codependency arises when a family member tries to control the addict’s behavior, occupying his or her free time, thereby preventing him or her from drinking alcohol or using drugs.

The recovery of the addict’s family is necessary to comprehensively heal all the damage caused by addiction in the family system. One of the fundamental parts of the recovery process of the junkie is the intercession that must be performed with the family gathering. It should be noted that the addict’s family is seriously affected throughout the period in which the addiction was developed.

Just as the addict can recover and live a new life, free of habits and with superior personal satisfaction, the family has the privilege and need to recoup. Most of the time, it is first a family member who becomes aware of the problem also makes the primary strides looking for help.

At first, the codependent is obsessed with helping his addict so that he needs support to focus on himself and begin his recovery process. It will soon be evident to the codependent, who can only help if he is recovering because this disease affects the whole family, and they can find the help they need at a Missouri treatment center.

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