What is Keratin Treatment and How is it Different from Brazilian Keratin Treatment?


Every girl dreams of long, shiny and manageable hair. As now everybody is exposed to pollution, hair products that is filled with harmful products and blow drying, such factors tend to ruin the natural keratin of hair. Once the keratin from your hair is gone, your hair cortex is subject to more damage. Oiling and conditioning are deemed beneficial for your hair since ages. But recently, the hair department was introduced to a new treatment called keratin hair treatment. It has become so common that you can go for the same treatment in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is shop professional keratin treatment products and you are all set.

Keratin refers to a natural protein that is a part of our hair, nails and skin. But unfavourable weather conditions and chemical based hair products tend to ruin it. Keratin is important for the inner or cortex part of hair and for the outer or cuticle part as well. When it comes to keratin therapy, know that it definitely contains some chemicals in order to regain the lost elasticity and health of your hair. It means that you add lost keratin back into your hair with the help of an artificial method known as the keratin treatment. It works amazingly to enliven your hair by putting an end to all the roughness and unwanted curls too.

It is probably the best way to eliminate the daily struggle of getting your hair straight. Once you go for this option, you have your hair straight, but it is the better option than going for a hair straightener. Note that keratin contains chemicals. So you don’t just apply it directly. You have to follow some conditions in order to apply it or rather let an expert do the same for you. Such conditions entail various kinds of allergies and sensitive hair scalp.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

This is the latest form of keratin treatment which is also called Brazilian hair straightening treatment. Brazilian keratin includes amino acids. It doesn’t contain the harmful chemical called the formaldehyde. It is a harmful chemical that impacts your hair as well as your health. Most of the countries have put a ban on the keratin hair treatment, but not in the US.

Brazilian hair keratin treatment is very famous for not just straightening your hair but also for regaining and rebuilding the damaged hair structure. Nowadays, Brazilian keratin treatment is the most preferred choice over the previous versions of keratin hair straightening treatments. And nowadays people and salon are also going for the same treatment only.

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