Reasons for Under Eye Wrinkles and How to Deal with It


The first sign of your aging comes with under eye wrinkles on the face. In fact, the under-eye lines start to appear on the face as soon as you enter twenties. There are multiple reasons for under eye lines and some of which can be controlled with some efforts.

Wrinkles become an inevitable part as you grow old. But there are processes you can follow to push the aging signs a little backward. Getting to know the causes of wrinkles and fine lines under your eye will help you find the best methods to prevent them along with any further damages.

The structure of the skin under your eye.

The skin below the eye is very delicate and thin. As you are growing, the skin’s collagen level drops. It is a natural occurrence. The effects are very prominent on the sensitive skin around the eye and the first appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are spot on your face. Loss in elasticity of the skin around your eyes can also be a reason for dark circles and puffiness.

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Reasons for you to have under-eye wrinkles and fine lines are as follows:

Exposure to sun: Exposure to sun can be the reason for causing wrinkles especially surrounding the eye. If you are outside when the sunrays are intense and you do not have any kind of protection from sun damage, you will develop wrinkles and fine lines.

Facial expression: facial expressions that are repetitive can cause 皺紋 [English Meaning = wrinkle] and fine lines under the eye. Every time you squint as in you smile or try to focus on something then fine lines develop on your skin. As the production of collagen gets lesser with age, the skin surrounding the eye loses its ability to bounce back into its actual position.

Vaping and smoking:

Fine lines develop around the mouth of a person, who smokes or vapes. This habit can also lead to wrinkles under the eye. When the nicotine obstructs the flow of blood in the skin, to keep the smoke away from your eye, the squinting can lead to aging signs.

Rubbing your eye:

If you have a habit of rubbing your eye as you are tired you should make a conscious effort to stop doing that. You need to remember that the skin under your eye is very delicate and thin. You tend to stretch the skin by rubbing them habitually, which leads to a breakdown in the level of elasticity and line formation.

Not sleeping on the back:

You must be aware that sleeping on the stomach or side can cause wrinkles on your skin sooner than expected. You can expect to get 眼紋 [English Meaning = lines around the eyes] around your eye, if you sleep on a pillow.

Now that you know the causes of wrinkles and fine lines on your face take necessary precautions to prevent them and look younger.

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