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Short-Term Care In Alabama: Check This Overview!

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If someone you know is recovering from a surgery, or need to recuperate from an illness after being discharged from the hospital, you can recommend short term care at a nursing & rehab center. Alabama, fortunately, has a bunch of these facilities, and some of the best ones do offer short term care in Hampton Cove. In this post, we are reviewing the basics of short-term care in detail.

What is short-term care?

Anyone, who doesn’t have someone at home to take care of them following illness, an accident or surgery, can consider short-term care. The main difference between short-term care and long-term care is the duration of stay. In case of short-term care, patents are expected to stay the facility for not more than a few months at the max. Even after discharge from the hospital, patients may need 24×7 care and monitoring, and they may not be able to manage daily chores of life independently. This is where short-term care comes in handy, because patients can get rehabilitation therapy and skilled nursing around the clock.

Other things to know

When someone enrolls for skilled nursing¸ it is already known that they will stay for a specified period, which can be extended if the recovery is slower. At the nursing home, the patient will get all the care and attention that they need, starting from wound care and IV therapy, to medicine administration and physical therapy. Patients can seek physical, occupational, & speech therapy, if recommended. During their stay, patients will be given home-cooked meals as suggested by the dietician or as prescribed by the primary healthcare physician. The need for short-term care is also relevant when the patients who don’t have their primary caregiver for a few days.

Selecting a short-term care facility

Finding the right short-term care facility in Alabama is easy when you look for a mix of comprehensive care and outstanding facilities. Make sure that you have paid a personal visit to the facility and have discussed the needs of the patient. Also, consider the expenses involved. In general, short-term care could be a bit more expensive, but it largely depends on the range of facilities that the patient needs, including specific care and therapies. If the stay extends beyond a month, the costs and charges may vary accordingly.

You may also want to check the reviews of the particular facility in Alabama. With short-term care, recuperating from an illness or surgery doesn’t get easier.

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