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Understanding the Differences Between Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage

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When people contact spas, they usually ask about which service they should pick. Some of them are confused about the difference between therapeutic, relaxation, and sports massage. Whether you have gone to a spa before or you are about to have your first visit, you have probably heard some of the terms associated with spa massages like Shiatsu, Swedish, lymphatic drainage, hot stone, relaxation, remedial, and others. Because of the many types of massages available the terms associated with them, people are often left wondering.

Massages like Swedish, Shiatsu, Ashiatsu, Lomu Lomu, and Thai are kinds of massages that employ varying techniques. Visit https://www.stromspa.com/vieux-quebec/boutique/ to book an appointment. A Swedish massage is performed with the hands while Ashiatsu with the feet. Shiatsu is finger-point pressure. Therapists may have undergone training in only one of these kinds or more than one. Within the different kinds, such as Swedish and Ashiatsu, there can be the option of relaxation or therapeutic massage.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is meant to relax the body and mind. It is good for alleviating stress and anxiety. Often, the therapist uses lighter and slower strokes than for sport or therapeutic massage. These strokes are called effleurage and petrissage. A long effleurage stroke may begin at the feet and end at the shoulders or vice versa. Petrissage may include wringing, kneading, and skin-rolling and often follows effleurage after the tissue has been warmed. At the end of the massage, the therapist will use tapotement, often a rhythmic chopping-like technique with the end of their hand or tips of their fingers for quick tissue relaxation.

A relaxation massage is meant to relax and reset. People who get this massage want to take time out and forget about their daily life. Deeper relaxation comes at around 45 minutes into the massage, depending on factors like the ability of the client to let go, the ambiance, the therapist’s skills, and the temperature of the room. Even if this massage is often a quick procedure, clients fall sleep on the table.

Therapeutic Massage

This form of massage is meant to address painful or tense areas and muscle spasms by easing muscle tension. The therapist will work on the specific problem area of the body. Often, a therapeutic massage includes a series of regular massage sessions. This massage is found to improve circulation that allows the permeation of more oxygen to body tissue. Also, it can help with problems like headache and migraine, rotator cuff problems, sinus pain, neck pain, period pain, back pain, and other conditions.

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