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Absolute Healer For Fatty Liver

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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD has become a common health issue these days. The number of people who are suffering from this disease is increasing subsequently. The health condition of the fatty liver takes place due to the excess build-up of layers of fat across the cells of the liver. There is a misconception amongst most of the people that fatty liver takes place due to the excess consumption of alcohol but it is just a myth. The pivotal reason behind fatty liver could be unhealthy eating habits and busy lifestyles where we often forget to pay much attention to our health.

Generally, NAFLD is touted to be associated with severe health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gastric bypass surgery, drastic weight loss and many more. Although there is no approved medicinal treatment to cure fatty liver some supplements would be beneficial in treating the fatty liver problem. Here are some suggestions for the best and effective supplement for fatty liver that might work wonders for you.

  • Curcumin is an active and effective herbal ingredient found in turmeric. The usage for this supplement ranges from approximately 400 to 2000mg per day. Curcumin has been a proven remedy to reduce the amount of fat that gets accumulated in the cells of the liver. It also improves liver enzymes levels such as AST and ALT.
  • Anthocyanins, an extremely effective and health-beneficiary chemical is found in food supplements, such as grape seed extract. It has been proven by research that a dose of 400mg of anthocyanins has been helpful in improving and enhancing the liver enzymes of people who are suffering from fatty liver.
  • Berberine, this herbal chemical is found in a diversified range of herbs such as goldenseal. Various studies have shown that consumption of 500 mg dose of berberine is likely to improve the lab values that are inter-linked with fatty liver.
  • Silymarin chemical is found in milk thistle and considered as the most effective herbal supplement for the treatment of fatty liver. Consumption of 160 to 450 mg of silymarin per day helps in improving the liver enzymes and also this also removes the excess fat from the liver cells.

  • Carnitine supplement is derived from amino acids, that are often regarded as the chemicals that are the building blocks of life. It is extremely useful in the treatment of liver enzymes and improving them subsequently.
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