Choose A Nursing Care Facility That Leaves Your Loved One Feeling Safe and Comfortable


Arriving at a decision to shift your loved one to an assisted care facility is never an easy decision. Deciding on the facility is harder. You’ll have to take extra efforts in finding the perfect one. With a lot of assisted facilities around, it can be overwhelming. You need to find the facility that fits your loved one’s health needs and lifestyle. Decide between assisted living and nursing home.

The first step:

In assisted living facilities, there are special housing and support services for elders. There are staffs to help them with their day-to-day activities and provide minor health offerings. A nursing home consists of highly skilled staff offering more healthcare options. Choose one depending on the independence level of your loved one.

Mitchell-Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre offers long term care for seniors in Alabama. Their skilled staffs provide many services including feeding home cooked meals and round the clock care.

Communicate with your loved one:

An important step that is often overlooked is talking to your loved one about their preferences. Most of us are keen on focusing on what we feel is the best option and not ask if that’s what our loved one wants. Lay them out the options available so that they feel involved in the process too.

Tips to choose the right facility:

  • List your priorities: Think about which of these you prioritize more – nursing care, physical therapy, meals, hospice care, a religious connection etc. Do you prefer a facility which is located nearby so that you can visit them often?
  • Get recommendations: Ask your relatives, friends, colleagues, religious groups and social workers if they know of a good facility. You can ask them to gather more information on it. Ask your healthcare provider about nursing homes that offer good care.

  • Call the facility: After you make a list of options, call them and ask questions regarding how many people they accommodate there and the cost.
  • Pay a visit: When you are done short listing your options, pay a visit to the facilities and talk to the nursing director. See if they have handicap access and how the staffs interact with residents.
  • Ask questions: Don’t hold back when asking questions. For instance, if you notice a strong odour, ask them to explain it. Bad odours may be a sign of a problem while good ones may hide a problem.

Talk to residents about what it is like living there. If something seems off, trust your intuition.

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