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What Is Kyphoplasty?

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A vertebral compression fracture is a condition in which your upper back pain suddenly becomes unbearable.

If you have a compression fracture, Kyphoplasty can be performed. It is the most effective and advanced treatment you can get.

If you are interested in kyphoplasty, don’t hesitate to visit us. Although they have extensive experience with the procedure, they cannot perform it until your compression fracture heals.

Here are the facts about compression fractures, kyphoplasty and kyphoplasty.


Kyphoplasty, a minimally invasive procedure that restores vertebral strength after a compression fracture, is called “minimally invasive Kyphoplasty”. Let’s first discuss the kyphoplasty procedure.

Information about vertebral compression fractures

A compression fracture is different than other types of fractures. A strong force is required to break a bone that is healthy and strong. Compression fractures, on the other hand, can be caused by too little force as the bone is not strong enough to withstand everyday pressure.

How can bones become too weak to perform their jobs? Osteoporosis is the main reason. Through a continuous process of removing old or damaged bones and replacing them with newer bone, your bones will naturally remain healthy.

As you age, this process becomes more out of control and you lose more bone than you gain. This leads to weak and brittle bones over time. This is osteoporosis.

When a weak bone falls, it is called a compression fracture. Although compression fractures can affect your hips and lower back, most commonly they occur in the vertebrae of the thoracic spine. Your ribs are connected to the thoracic vertebrae, which make up your upper back.

Vertebral compression fracture symptoms

You may feel the following symptoms after a vertebral compression injury occurs:

Sudden, severe back pain

Restricted movement

Walking can cause pain that is worse

It is easier to feel pain when you lie down

Round-back deformity

A compression fracture occurs when the vertebra’s front side collapses and the back remains the same height. This creates a wedge-like appearance to the bone. The spine takes on a round appearance when two or more vertebrae are affected by compression fractures.

Concerning kyphoplasty

We guide the procedure by using real-time imaging. To insert the hollow needle through the skin, we place it in the middle of the collapsed vertebra. The needle is used to inflate a medical grade balloon. The balloon raises the vertebrae and creates small cavities.

Next, we will remove the balloon and then use the same needle for injecting bone cement. The cement fills in the gap and hardens. Kyphoplasty results in your bone retaining its natural strength and stability, your spine stabilizing, and your pain disappearing.

Is it possible for everyone to have kyphoplasty

Kyphoplasty is a procedure that can be performed on anyone who has suffered a compression fracture. However, you can’t do the procedure until the bone heals.

The bone will harden in its collapsed state if the compression fracture heals. We can’t bring it back to its original shape with a balloon at that point.

Kyphoplasty is something you should consider. We recommend that you meet with us within six weeks after the compression fracture has healed. However, earlier is better. The average healing time for vertebral compression fractures is between 8-10 weeks. Therefore, it’s important to schedule a kyphoplasty before you reach the eight week mark.

Do not wait to call, or make an appointment online if you feel sudden upper back pain.

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